Chester-based singer/songwriter Bill Malkin performs as a solo artist, in a duo with John Sylvester (Malkin & Sylvester), and with ‘The band Wagon’ … an informal collective of musical friends, the core of which is currently John Sylvester (keyboards), Phil Bradley (harmonica) and Paul Reaney (bass and guitar)… as well as (from time to time) Chris Lee (bass and mandolin), Dave Russell (fiddle and bass)and Graham Bellinger (guitar and harmonica).

‘Bill possesses that all too rare gift of bringing people and history to life for us in his song writing. The articulacy with which he relates to an audience provides the perfect canvas for his work which is well observed, intelligently written and most of all interesting for the listener. The craft of song writing is in safe hands’ – Anthony John Clarke

‘Well crafted and seriously catchy songs all backed by superb players……..hats off !’ – Paul Reaney (Harbour Moon)

‘Over the years the music industry and their punters have overdosed on the use of categories, using words like trends and genre with clear intent of influencing and thereby conditioning people’s tastes for their commercial gain … as with the predatory fashion industry, founded on the fear of being seen to be dissimilar. True diversity, while recognising and encouraging cultural uniqueness,transcends any separation and cherishes a universality and oneness of music. The music of the group Bill Malkin and the Band Wagon goes a long way to overcome these prejudices.’
- Stan Ambrose (Folk Scene, BBC Radio Merseyside)

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Harvest  is a 2 CD set consisting of a ‘best of’ compilation of 20 tracks from the last 5 albums, and an edited recording of Stan Ambrose’s ‘Folk Scene’ programme (broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside in December 2013) during which he interviewed the band and played tracks from the ‘Sleeper’ album.